Madison River Fly Fishing Guides

Madison River Fly Fishing Guides

Trout Stalkers employs only the best Madison River fly fishing guides, and guides who we feel are among the best in Montana. From the moment you enter our shop or take a seat in our drift boats, to the time you disembark at the take out, our goal is to provide excellence in every facet of your trip. The foundation of our fully outfitted fly fishing trips are our guides, of which we employ the finest that Montana has to offer. With over a century of combined experience, our guides are not only expert fly fishermen and women, but they are masters at the oars and the gold standard of customer service. Professionally licensed and CPR/First Aid certified, you can feel safe with our guides at the helm. Our commitment to you includes so much more than catching fish. Trout Stalkers guides are specialists in demonstrating proper technique and teaching fishing strategies custom tailored to your needs. Finally, as stewards of the rivers they row, our guides have a cultivated knowledgebase of this region’s natural history and are eager to talk about what makes this beautiful area so special. Ultimately, when you step into our drift boats, you’re a client, but when you leave us, you’re a friend. Below are profiles of our guides.

Capt. Joe Dilschneider is Owner, Outfitter and Head Guide at Montana Trout Stalkers, Inc. He began guiding in the central mountains of Colorado after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1991.  In the spring of 1995 Joe moved to Ennis, Montana and started Trout Stalkers. In addition to guiding Trout fisherman in Colorado and Montana, he also spent 10 seasons fishing and guiding fly fishermen in the Florida Keys. Today, he brings more than 20 years of professional freshwater and saltwater flyfishing and guiding knowledge and experience to your outfitted expedition. 

Mike Lum has been guiding the Madison River for a long time. Since 1994 to be exact, in his rookie year of professional guiding. The northern prairie of Minot, North Dakota is where Lum calls home. In addition to being a great guide, Mike also excels as a professional photographer and chef. When not on the water or with a camera in hand, Mike enjoys tying flies, cooking, and hunting. Mike considers fly fishing to be "both an escape and release that’s an opportunity to learn deeply. Learn about our personal and individual connection to the natural world and our place in it. Learn about ourselves and how we handle frustration, anxiety, success and failure. It is a chance for us to unwind and reconnect to a place of inner peace and solitude as well as a mirror to reflect back to us our ability or lack thereof for living in the moment."


Over the course of many years of guiding, Mike has come to appreciate what it takes to lead people to what it is they truly desire. He has mastered many different ways of teaching each core concept of fly fishing from casting to presentation and everything in between. In Mike's words, he has "(mostly) let go of the gauge of the success of any outing as being number and size of fish caught." As a reflection of Mike, one of his favorite quotes is from Henry David Thoreau: “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after.”

Jimmy Morrison was born in Helena as a fourth generation Montanan. His rookie year of professional guiding took place on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in 1996. In his spare time and in the off-season, Jimmy enjoys backcountry skiing/snowboarding, spending time adventuring outdoors with his family, gardening, cooking, and traveling with his wife. Jimmy's fishing philosophy is "When I go out on a boat to fish for a day, whether with clients, friends or by myself I tell my wife, I hope we fool one! What is important is the collective experience, not the amount of fish or the size of the fish boated (though we do fool some big fish), but the water, the air, the place, the people." Jimmy is an extremely patient and safety oriented guide with a lot of local knowledge. A little known fact about Jimmy is that he's a budding amateur meteorologist!

Matt is orginially from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You'll know this from the moment he picks you up with his drift boat draped in Steelers colors. Matt moved west in his 20s with the intention to become a fly fishing guide. He cut his teeth on all of southwest Montana's rivers and eventually found his home in Ennis. Matt began guiding the Madison River in 2004. He's a regular in the Trout Stalkers guide rotation and also operates his own outfit, Trouts "N" At Outfitters.

Matt has always enjoyed all kinds of fishing and says, "My dad got me my first fly rod for my 16th birthday. He passed away between my freshmen and sophomore years of college. For a while the only time I was happy and at peace was on the water with a fly rod in hand. I never looked back!"

He is a great people person and excels in understanding the different clients that fish out of his boat. Some people want to throw dries all day, and Matt is perfectly fine with that. He also has his nymph and streamer game dialed. His perspective is, "Not everyone needs to catch a million fish. Some people want to have a nice day on the water and just learn a few things. It is my job to figure out what it is that each client wants on a particular day and deliver!"

Brian was born in Englewood, CA. His rookie guide year was on the Madison River in 2001. He also owns Montana Fish Man Outfitting.

Brian thanks his friend and mentor, John Seaman, for being the first person to put a fly rod in his hand in 1992. Brian's fly fishing philosophy is pretty logical. He says, "The worst day fishing is better than the best day working, so as a guide, everyday rocks!" When on the water, he likes to work hard for his clients, and always has a "no quit" attitude. He is a dedicated fly fishing guide that values his work ethic and love for teaching fly fishing to others. His passion truly shows when he is teaching adult beginners or children who are vulnerable to becoming frustrated. He uses his patience and effective teaching methods to pass on his knowledge and always maintains a fun learning environment. In Brian's free time, he is usually bird hunting, training his dogs, gardening, cooking or designing custom fly patterns for his clients.  

Tim Gaar was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His rookie guide year was in 1991 on the Frying Pan River.

"I knew I wanted to be a fishing guide soon after starting to fly fish at age 14, and chose paths likely to get me here. I think what makes me a good guide is my love of rivers and fly fishing, 20+ years of experience, my easy going and patient nature (I do not get frustrated or tense with people when things aren't going smoothly), and willingness to work hard to find fish."

When asked about his guiding philosophy, Tim says, "To have a good time and enjoy being out there has got to be priority # 1. That being said, I'm not one to ever give up on the fishing, I keep trying and do whatever I can to get into fish, because you never know. Many of the best fish I've seen in the boat and most memorable days came on days that the overall catch rate or weather was poor."

Tim operates his own guide service, Gaar Outfitting. When he isn't guiding, Tim is a ski patroller and a carpenter. He also enjoys running whitewater, backcountry skiiing and kiteboarding.  

Nick is a jack of all trades here in his hometown of Ennis, Montana. As Retail Manager of the Trout Stalkers, he plays a pivitol role in our clients' experience when they walk in the door of our fly shop. Nick also manages his storage facility in town and his lodge on Ennis Lake (The North Shore of the Madison). Nick started guiding on the Madison River in 2007, and his lifelong experience on the river definitely shows. Nick's fly fishing philosophy and motivation to guide anglers revolves around the personal gains he has experienced in natural environments. In his own words, he says,


"The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a very unique and special place on this continent and fishing in this amazing place allows us as anglers to experience a truly remote and wild environment, not very common in the lower 48. Fly Fishing in my opinion has never truly been about the fish, it’s about the natural cycle of the rivers which are the lifeblood of this whole region. The entomology, the biology, and the meteorology all play a special role in why I love it here and have tried so hard to stay in the area in which  I was raised. Everyday it’s really only about that one fish, the first fish, and then the rest are just icing on the cake. I’m extremely passionate about the river, fish, and the environment surrounding it. I love to teach and show people really what Southwest Montana is truly about and how beautiful it is and how special a place it is that we call home."


In Nick's free time he enjoys all things outdoors as well as yoga, skiing, photography and upland bird hunting with his Brittany spaniel, Sugar. 

Braden Powell hails from Blacksburg, VA. His rookie year of guiding was deep in the Alaskan bush at Riversong Lodge in 2003. Founder of FishWater Outfitters, Captain Braden Powell has built his life around the sport of flyfishing. From his early beginnings on the New River in his hometown of Blacksburg, Braden found his passion early in life. Drawn by the splendor of Montana’s legendary outdoor lifestyle and bountiful rivers of world class flyfishing destinations, Braden ventured west from the Blue Ridge Mountains to pursue his B.A. in Natured-based Tourism and Recreation Management from the University of Montana in Missoula.

Captain Braden Powell has traveled the world as a guide, including destinations from Montana, Idaho, Alaska, the Florida Keys and Patagonia Chile. From late June through September, Captain Braden Powell's home base is the trout fishing town of Ennis, MT where the famed rivers of Southwestern Montana are readily accessible. Braden fishes the Madison, Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson, Missouri and Yellowstone rivers while floating in his 16ft Clackacraft drift boat. Throughout the fall, winter and spring months, Braden can be found pursuing Redfish and other saltwater species in the South Carolina lowcountry. Based in Charleston, the large expanse of saltwater estuaries offer endless possibilities for targeting Redfish and other species on fly or light tackle. Along the east coast shores, and rivers of the Western Rocky Mountains, Captain Braden Powell has devoted his life to sharing the skills and practices of flyfishing. 
Kris Suplee was born in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. Kris' first year of professional guiding for trout took place in 1991 in the famed Roaring Fork River Valley in Colorado and in 1996 in the Florida keys for saltwater species. Kris and his family moved to Montana in 2008 where he and his wife raise their two active boys. Kris started guided because, as he says, "I was skipping too many days at work to go fishing." Sounds like a logical move to us. When not shoveling water in his RO Drift Boat on the Madison, Kris enjoys big game hunting and skiing. Kris' fishing philosophy is: "Fishing becomes more enjoyable when you stop worrying about how many fish you catch. It's about the experience, and enjoying nature. The fish are just the icing on the cake." Well said, Kris.
Kris still splits time between Montana and the salt with his own outfit, Kris Suplee Fly Fishing

Garrett Blackburn was born on the plains in Stillwater, Oklahoma. His rookie year of guiding was in the famed Bristol Bay of Alaska, in 2004. Garrett's path to guiding began for him as a young boy fishing with his grandfather, and he hasn't stopped since. Becoming a guide was the only way for him to be on the river as often as he wanted to. What makes Garrett a pros pro here at Trout Stalkers is that at the end of the day, his clients are happy and excited to fish another day. He understands that a good time on the river is a little different for each person and so tailors his guiding style to make sure everyone has an awesome experience. Garrett also owns and operates Hooked Outfitting.

Warren Berg is originally from Boulder, Colorado. He's relatively new to the Montana guiding world, but as a lifelong angler and experience outdoorsman, you wouldn't know it. He began his Montana guiding career on the Madison River and Bighorn River.

His guiding strengths are defined by his abilities to be flexible and tailor each trip to his clients' expectations. His attention to detail and his knowledge of the wildlife that is often encountered on a Madison River fly fishing trip are exceptional. Warren's fly fishing philosophy is to enjoy all of the locations that fly fishing takes him, and of course the fish he catches along the way. For him, pursuing trout requires complete focus on the natural environment and fishing techniques and demands that you be in the moment. He believes that fly fishing while floating down a wild Montana river is one of the best experiences a person can have. 

Warren also owns Rally Point Fly Rods, which specializes in custom military and veteran-themed rods that feature personal ribbons, unit logos and weapon design features. 

Adam Shaw-Doran was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, but grew up in New Hampshire. His first year of guiding was 2003 here in Southwest Montana. Adam is a very patient guide with a lot of experience. He's happy to take the time to teach proper technique and explain his strategies. Like most of us, Adam came to being a professional fishing guide through the love of the outdoors and the beauty of Montana's rivers. When not fishing, Adam is an excellent wood worker, and also enjoys gardening, skiing and his family. You can find more about Adam on his website:

Born in Appleton Wisconsin, David learned to fish on the dock of his parents lake front cabin in Rhinelander, WI. His passion fishing grew some where around ten years old.  He started walking to the local ponds around Appleton and the Fox River, catching everything from Panfish to Northern Pike. 

At twelve he and his family moved west to Boise, Idaho where he learned what the excitement of trout fishing. That experience would eventually lead him to 2012, when his passion and knowledge gave him the opportunity to make a living showing others the excitement and enjoyment of fly fishing. His strengths include his patience and passion for teaching, and his goal for every trip is to provide a fun time for his clients. 

Nowadays you can find him fishing anywhere from the Missouri, Yellowstone, Madison, Gallatin and many creeks in between. If he's not guiding, he is spending time with his wife and playing with their two kids. In his freetime, he also enjoys doing a bit of duck hunting.