Montana Drift Boats and Rafts for Sale

New Boats For Sale:

 Stealth (Elite Fisherman Package) by Flycraft USA 

  • Ever wanted to get into a boat with your fishing partner and float somewhere no one else as been? This is the boat for you! Lewis and Clark wouldn't have needed everybody else if they'd had the Stealth by Flycraft USA.
  • Highly versatile, maneuverable, two-man watercraft
  • Frame, Seats, Shallow-Watere Oars, Anchor System, Basket and much more
  • $3,875.00


Otter 142 by NRS  

  • Extremely Customizable design allows NRS to offer multiple options for the fishing raft that you've always wanted! With NRS doing what they do best they offer a highly durable, super tough raft to put to the test on your next multi-day expedition to crush trout.
  • Lengths 9'6" - 15" 
  • Tons of Frame Options including: seats, oars, standing platforms, cooler straps, anchor system, add-ons
  • $6,295 (shown)


Sawyer Oars


Want to row like the best? Get the best oars.  Trout Stalkers is pure Sawyer Oars and Paddles.  The SquareTop DyneLite Oars are simply the best out there.  With the combination of woven Carbon fiber and Laminated Dougles Fir the SquareTop DyneLite Oars are the ones you are looking for! With lengths varying from 8' to 11' and three different DyneLite blades to choose from these counterbalanced oars are simply the best.

$309.99 - $429.99 (each)


We also sell a wide range of boat accessories and can ship or deliver boats and accessories direct to you. Please call us or visit our online store to view our complete line of boats and boat accessories.


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