Moods of the Madison

As the tittle of this post would suggest, the Madison has been quite moody as of late.  Our famed hatches have started to dissipate and it feels that we are in the transitional stage from bug season to fur and terrestrial season. Our slower fishing has come throughout the mid day stretches with some sporadic to great action in the morning and evening hours. Though this consistency of fishing is normal for this time of year, it seems that after the hustle and bustle of "The 4th" the trout tend to take break from the all of the action. But they will soon be back! The weather conditions have been ideal around the valley to say the least. We have been seeing much cooler temperatures in the day which has been keeping water temperature cool and the trout healthy. With these cooler water temperatures it has allowed PPL to release less water out of Hebgen making for some noisy boat rides if you find yourself in the shallow water.  The river is running at 1,080 CFS at Cameron and dropping. Might be time to pull the rafts out of retirement! 

Town has been bustling this weekend with the "Moods of the Madison" music festival. We had some great shows last night with "Leftover Salmon" being the headliner of the evening. Man can those guys boogie!

Here's a picture of Joe and Andy Thorn, the banjo magician from "Leftover Salmon" from an evening float last night.