Trip Report - Washington Chrome


Olympic Peninsula, WA. To the non-angler it is home to the vampires and werewolves of the Twilight Saga but to the steelhead angler it is better known as chrome heaven.  With multiple rivers to chase these elusive steelhead there is a good chance that you'll get into fish.  This being my first steelhead adventure I called in a favor.  My good friend Brett Seng of Brett Seng Photography and his buddy Ringo Nishioka of HR Nasty were kind enough to invite me up to the house that they had rented for a "few weeks" to get into these special fish.  Spending three days in the sunshine at one of the rainest parts of the United States did not help our chances and with the Queets breaking a 50 year low water mark on the day we floated needless to say the fishing was tough.  With their knowledge of the rivers we were all able to get into steelhead each day and just that alone made the trip worth it.  Having a steelhead crush your fly is close to divine.

With the experience that I had fishing for steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula I will definetly be back and hopefully get to touch those chromers yet again.

If you are interested in doing a trip to the OP please contact us for more info.  Trust me when your line tightens up on these huge fish, it's definitely close to heaven.