Boat Sales and Rentals in Ennis, Montana


 Montana offers some of the country's best floatable, fishable and accessible waters.  With multiple sections to float on the Madison River alone, including the Upper and Lower Madison River, you can spend your days "Driftin' & Dreaming" just like all of us who call ourselves Trout Stalkers.

Trout Stalkers offers a wide variety of boats, kayaks, rafts and SUPs for you to get on the water and enjoy beautiful Montana.

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Being the only boat dealer in the valley, Trout Stalkers is able to provide you multiple different options to figure out which kind and style of boat works for you. From fresh off the production lines at RO Drift Boats, NRS Rafts and Inflatables and Jackson Kayaks to an ever changing inventory of used boats. Trout Stalkers can help you float in the boat you've always wanted.

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